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Training and Consultation

Below are the prices for QuickBooks Online Training (via Zoom). Training includes free personalized assistance to work in QuickBooks Online during the training period and two hours in the month after its completion.

Training is also available in QuickBooks Desktop and Zoho Books.


Starts at:

Group (per person) EC$1,575

Individual EC$2,250


Starts at:

Group (per person) EC$2,100

Individual EC$2,700


Starts at:

Group (per person) EC$2,800

Individual EC$3,500

We help you to understand the importance of keeping accurate records of financial transactions and learn how to do so. Best practices in record keeping, how calculate and file social security, taxes etc. See prices below.

Financial Recording Keeping

Starts at EC$150

We strive to identify effective solutions to address your challenges.


Starts at EC$150

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